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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birth of Baby Briar

Of course Briar was a stubborn one, her due date was september 21st and we got nothin!
We were scheduled to induce on the 24th at 6:00 am. We woke up, took our stuff and headed in to await the arrival of our daughter.  At 8:00 am Beth recieved her first dose of pitocin. Labor wasn't progressing as fast as we all hoped so more pitocin and more pain!!!.  Finally the epidural!  Of course it doesn't work completely still have feeling on the left side. a little more to suffer through and then..BAM!  another boost of drugs.  By now almost no feeling in the lower half and they check me to see what i have dialated to. 10!!!!!!
time to push.  Oh man. having to push and not feel a thing is not the way to go. 45 minutes later. no baby.  time to rest for an hour.  let baby come down on her own.  then back to pushing.  another 45 minutes go by and DR. says " one more chance at pushing and if you can't do it , its a C-section.
all we can think is PPPPUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHHHH!   at the final push out comes the head. facing up and having to go under the pelvic bone caused a lot of pressure to both baby and mommy. 

the first photos of Briar are unusually hmmmm..... ugly?
poor little baby was squished and stretched out with a conehead. So swollen and we were wondering who in the heck made her look like that!   Born on Sept. 24th at 8:34 pm.  8 pounds 15 oz.  Briar Rose Dano!!!

and now for the transformation....

we are so happy!!!! a healthy little girl!!!